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Submission guidelines

Cambodian Education Forum (CEF) accepts essays and articles that are around 1000 words in length. Articles must be in English. As articles published by CEF are expected to be read by a general audience, non-technical and non-academic language should be used . All submissions must be original and have not been published before. Acknowledgement of sources in your writing can be made by providing hyperlinks to internet sources wherever possible. Submissions will be reviewed by our editorial team and other invited peer reviewers. If accepted for publication, the articles will be edited for English fluency and house style before returned for author clearance.

Interested contributors need to submit full essays or articles in a Word document along with a short bio note at the end of the article to

We accept both UK and American English for spelling and punctuation; however, consistency must be observed.

By publishing with Cambodian Education Forum, you agree that we may share your article on our other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. As an author, you have the right to share your article freely as long as you do not alter the content of the article and you acknowledge us as the publisher.

Cambodian Education Forum is managed by a small team of researchers who have many other tasks. However, we will try to reply to you within a week to acknowledge the receipt of your submission. We reserve the right to accept or decline your submission based on the quality of ideas and arguments. Submissions that are requested for revision(s) will only be published when a satisfactory revision is made by the author.

All correspondence, including submission of articles, should be sent to

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